6 Tips for Staying Cool During Extreme Heat

6 Tips for Staying Cool During Extreme Heat As Jacksonville’s temperatures soar into the 90s and the real feel peaks above 100 degrees it’s become more important than ever to stay cool wherever you can. Turning your thermostat down is one of the most logical ways to beat the heat but it also demands peak [...]

An extended warranty takes the heat off household AC budgets

Charlie's customers know: an extended air conditioner warranty takes the heat off household budgets We've all looked at a store clerk, incredulous at the earnest question: “Would you like to buy an extended warranty for that?” Looking down at your $25 electrical gadget, you're struck by the irony that the warranty costs more than the [...]

Charlie’s unscrambles 5 faulty (and expensive) notions about air conditioning

Charlie's unscrambles 5 faulty (and expensive) notions about air conditioning Iowa is a long way from Florida, but the team at Charlie's Tropic Heating & Air Conditioning bets they know exactly how egg farmers there feel in the wake of new health studies that highlight the nutritional value of the “incredible, edible egg.” Farmers in [...]

4 Smart moves before scheduling an AC tuneup

Make four smart moves before making the smartest one of all: scheduling an AC tuneup with Charlie's We've talked about the benefits of regular air conditioner maintenance so many times that of course you're planning to schedule your annual AC tuneup. It's right there, on your to-do list. You might be wondering what minor AC spot checks and maintenance [...]

It’s like putting frosting on a cake; learn how to seal your windows’ air leaks

Still, with the passage of time, you might need extra motivation to unwrap those caulk and weather stripping packages and get to work. If so, consider: The U.S. Department of Energy says, “If you added up all the leaks, holes and gaps in a typical home's envelope (the windows, roof, subfloor, exterior doors and exterior [...]

Learn how to find your windows’ air leaks

Silent, not deadly, but costly; learn how to find your windows' air leaks If you're like many Floridians, you keep your windows closed most of the year to keep the warm air out. And you keep your window treatments closed to keep the sun out. But if you think your efforts are keeping your energy [...]

Putting your electric bill on ice the eco-friendly cooling way!

With torrential rains and mudslides spilling onto roads on the West Coast and freezing rain turning freeways into ice rinks throughout the Midwest, it might appear ungrateful to complain that us Floridians have been “suffering” through 80-degree temperatures while we kick up sand in our bare feet on the beach. But it is winter, and [...]

Will UV lights clear the air?

Tired of the PU from kitchen odors? Many Floridians are turning to UV lights to clear the air You've run the exhaust fan, a ceiling fan and even a tabletop fan. And still, the kitchen odors linger. Then you got creative and tried some home remedies to squelch the odors. You felt a little silly spreading [...]

Make the most of the calm after the storm

Make the most of the calm after the storm; heed lessons stirred up by Hurricane Matthew Jacksonville residents watched the storm approach with trepidation for days, survived its ferocious, 60+ mph winds and then breathed a collective sigh of relief when we learned we were spared its cruelest wrath by a mere 30 miles. Hurricane Matthew [...]

Is a poorly placed thermostat triggering “ghost” readings in your home?

Is a poorly placed thermostat triggering "ghost" readings in your home? Your home may be “haunted” with ghosts and you may not even know it. But the clues are right in front of you. You're shivering when the thermostat setting indicates you ought to feel warm and you're sweating when the thermostat suggests you ought [...]