An extended warranty takes the heat off household AC budgets

Charlie's customers know: an extended air conditioner warranty takes the heat off household budgets We've all looked at a store clerk, incredulous at the earnest question: “Would you like to buy an extended warranty for that?” Looking down at your $25 electrical gadget, you're struck by the irony that the warranty costs more than the [...]

Charlie’s unscrambles 5 faulty (and expensive) notions about air conditioning

Charlie's unscrambles 5 faulty (and expensive) notions about air conditioning Iowa is a long way from Florida, but the team at Charlie's Tropic Heating & Air Conditioning bets they know exactly how egg farmers there feel in the wake of new health studies that highlight the nutritional value of the “incredible, edible egg.” Farmers in [...]

4 Smart moves before scheduling an AC tuneup

Make four smart moves before making the smartest one of all: scheduling an AC tuneup with Charlie's We've talked about the benefits of regular air conditioner maintenance so many times that of course you're planning to schedule your annual AC tuneup. It's right there, on your to-do list. You might be wondering what minor AC spot checks and maintenance [...]

Is your AC company NATE certified?

NATE certification carries the mark of excellence that Charlie's customers deserve If the light fixtures in your home are flickering and your outlets are hot to the touch, you probably will call a licensed electrician – not a handyman – to fix your faltering electrical system. If your upstairs bathtub is leaking through the floor below [...]

Is a poorly placed thermostat triggering “ghost” readings in your home?

Is a poorly placed thermostat triggering "ghost" readings in your home? Your home may be “haunted” with ghosts and you may not even know it. But the clues are right in front of you. You're shivering when the thermostat setting indicates you ought to feel warm and you're sweating when the thermostat suggests you ought [...]

Let Charlie’s clear the air about the value of duct cleaning

You can blame those shady contractors about duct cleaning if you want to They’re the ones who may have misled you about what duct cleaning involves. They may have misrepresented its benefits – portraying it as “an emergency service” that everybody needs. And they may have tried to rush your decision while trying to distract [...]

The Ins and Outs of Ventilation

Most people know someone who insists on cracking open the window of their car even as the air conditioner churns out cool air. You can point out the cool air that is being wasted by going right out the window. You can say that the resulting “drag” on the car wastes gas. It probably won't [...]

Let Charlie’s help you ease the air conditioning financial burden

When it feels as though the sky is falling, let Charlie’s help you ease the financial burden No, the sky isn’t falling. It might feel that way when your air conditioner is beyond repair, must be replaced and you’re hard-pressed to find a way to pay for it.For times like these, know that Charlie’s Tropic Heating & Air Conditioning will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to help you find a solution. Going without air conditioning is rarely an option since cool air is more than a matter of supplying comfort; it’s often a matter of health, safety and well being. […]

7 Ways We Provide Outstanding HVAC Customer Service

7 ways we provide outstanding HVAC customer service You can tell it's summertime in northeast Florida – and not just because of all the backyard barbecues, garage sales and community pool gatherings. It's the buzz of what's being said at these venues at this time of year, when air conditioners break down most frequently: Those air conditioning [...]

Keep cool by keeping your air conditioner filter clean

As far as household chores go, changing your air conditioner filter takes only a few minutes of your time, makes minimal mess and doesn't require any special skills or even any special tools. In fact, you might you even consider this chore so simple that it's fun, too. Despite these attributes, changing a dirty air conditioner filter [...]