Make the most of the calm after the storm

Make the most of the calm after the storm; heed lessons stirred up by Hurricane Matthew Jacksonville residents watched the storm approach with trepidation for days, survived its ferocious, 60+ mph winds and then breathed a collective sigh of relief when we learned we were spared its cruelest wrath by a mere 30 miles. Hurricane Matthew [...]

Keep your cool

Keep your cool With tropical storms and hurricanes in the forecast, we all know that our electrical power might be interrupted at some point this summer, and that means goodbye cool air. While it might be difficult to move around your home without lights, it might be even more difficult to move around without air [...]

Are you ready for tropical storms or hurricanes?

Are you ready for tropical storms or hurricanes? He huffed and he puffed and with all that wind he also left a lot of rain in his wake, but Colin remained a tropical storm – leaving northeast Floridians to sigh in relief. After you catch your breath, let another force of nature that begins with [...]

Air Conditioning: Repair or Replace?

If ever you've grown sentimentally attached to an old car that is draining money from your budget with frequent repairs, then you can probably relate to that sinking feeling that it might be better to cut your losses and buy a newer, more reliable car. Every mechanical device has a lifespan, and even if you [...]

Consider, and conquer, conditions that affect your indoor air quality

It was was a report destined to grab headlines, and it didn't disappoint: issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in the fall of 2013, it effectively rattled homeowners nationwide by declaring that indoor air pollutants can be two to five times higher – and sometimes 100 times higher – than outdoor air pollutants. How could [...]

Beware of Space Heaters and Read This First

It's difficult to deny the appeal of space heaters. If someone in your home feels a perennial chill, a space heater can provide spot-on warmth. If you have a particularly cold or drafty room in your home, a space heater can be pressed into duty without having to raise the thermostat for the entire house. [...]

Shock Hazard Prompts Recall of More than 100,000 Trane Air Conditionings

Trane Air Conditioning Unit We're in the throes of summer in Northeast Florida, where a working air conditioning system isn't just a luxury - it's a necessity. Unfortunately if your recently installed AC system is a Trane, you may be in for a few sweltering days. The company, along with the United States Consumer [...]

The Atlantic Hurricane Season Starts June 1 – Three Things You Should Know

There's a saying that Northeast Florida has three distinct seasons: Football season, love bug season and hurricane season. Well, one of those is upon us. The 2014 Atlantic hurricane season officially kicks off this Sunday, June 1, and runs all the way through November 30. Here in coastal Northeast Florida, longtime residents know it's crucial [...]